Registration and Licensing for VBA Fire Protection Restricted Classes


The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has approved the introduction of four new restricted classes of registration and licensing for the routine servicing of certain fire protection systems.


The restricted classes were necessary after amendments introduced in the Plumbing Regulations 2018 mandated that the routine servicing of water based fire protection systems was deemed to be "plumbing work" and therefore must be carried out by an appropriately qualified plumbing practitioner.


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How to enrol in training and the Licensing and Registration recognised exam

As a Registered Training Organisation, FPA Australia provides training and/or assessment in the units of competency required by an individual to apply for each of the fire protection restricted classes.


Additionally, three of the four classes of registration require the applicant to complete a Licensing and Registration recognised exam before applying for registration.  FPA Australia will deliver this exam to the fire protection industry as part of its training and assessment pathways.


To find out more about available training and assessment pathways to meet the application requirements, click on the button above for the relevant Restricted Class.



Information on the Restricted Classes

The four restricted classes include two ongoing classes and two transitional classes for people carrying out routine service of water based fire protection systems who are currently unregistered or unlicensed as a result of amended regulations.


The VBA requires all technicians to be registered or licensed with the VBA by 31 July 2021 in each restricted class relevant to the work performed by the individual.

Those registered or licensed in a transitional class (fire sprinklers and pumped hydrants) will be able to work until 31 July 2021, after which time they will need to be enrolled in a Certificate III in Fire Protection (sprinkler fitter qualification), which must be completed by 31 December, 2025.


An individual who successfully applies for either registration or licensing in a fire protection restricted class will be classified as a plumbing practitioner under the Building Act, restricted to the scope of works specific to each class held.



Need Help


If you require assistance with the VBA restricted classes, the registration or license application requirements or information about the requirements for a licence please contact the VBA on 1300 815 127 or select an option below.


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If you require assistance with the training and assessment options offered by FPA Australia or need help with your enrolment, please contact the FPA Australia Training Team by email: or by calling (03) 8892 3182.



To enrol in training, assessment and the Licensing and Registration recognised exam, select one of the above buttons to find out more about the training and assessment options for each relevant Restricted Class.