Bushfire Training

FPA Australia has developed two training courses in association with various government agencies in Western Australia to support the implementation of new building and planning requirements for development in bushfire prone areas in Western Australia.


FPA Australia has been recognised by the State Government as an accrediting and training body for Level 1 BAL Assessors in accordance with the Western Australian Bushfire Accreditation Framework. These courses have been developed to support the Western Australian Government's commitment to having a professional bushfire consultant industry with accredited practitioners.  They also support all stakeholders involved in building and planning in bushfire prone areas.


Though targeted to individuals working in Western Australia the courses may also be suitable for people working in other states, particularly those who wish to acquire the skills, knowledge and ability to determine bushfire attack levels and provide advice on the subsequent required construction provisions.


For further information on the bushfire courses including enrolment forms and frequently asked questions click on the relevant button below.


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