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Technical Queries


How will FPA Australia respond to my technical query?


Members - Supported service


Supporting members is the core focus of FPA Australia and therefore the Association endeavours to respond to FPA Australia member queries within 2 business days upon receipt of the Technical Query form.  If we are unable to reply within 2 business days, we will provide a reply to you as soon as we are able.


Non-Members - Limited Service


Due to an ever increasing amount of technical queries being received by FPA Australia's Technical Department, we can only provide a limited service to non-members. 


FPA Australia may or may not be able to respond to non-member queries.   If we are able to reply to a non-member query, preference will be given to key stakeholders and will be determined by the specific nature of the query itself.


This limited service prioritises FPA Australia's resources to provide timely advice to our members who continue to support the Association.


Consultative Services


FPA Australia does not provide consultative services for site specific issues.  We aim to provide direction to members to inform them so that they can determine the appropriate course of action.


Become a Member


Should you be interested in membership to FPA Australia please see the Join Now page here or ring the membership department on 03 8892 3131.



Submit a technical query


Submit a technical query


Only technical queries submitted using the form linked to under the "Submit a technical query" button above will be considered. Technical queries submitted to FPA Australia via any other method (e.g. to an FPA Australia email address) will not be considered and the enquirer directed to submit their query using this form.

This form ensures that FPA Australia has all relevant information to be able to understand the context of the query and therefore provide as accurate a response as possible.