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Technical Documents


Position Statements


PS-01 Selection of Residential Smoke Alarms

PS-02 Roof systems for Flame Zone construction in bushfire prone areas


PS-03 Adoption and use of AS1851-2012


PS-04 National Licensing - Fire Protection work under the plumbing & gasfitting occupations


PS-05  Product Compliance & Evidence of Suitability 


Information Bulletins


IB-01 Fire Pump Battery Failures


IB-02 Use of Genuine Components: Pre-Engineered Fire Systems

IB-03 Mandatory Standards for Portable Fire Extinguishers


IB-04 AS3959-2009 Amendment No.3


IB-05 Sprinkler System Component Fault Monitoring


IB-06 Selection and Use of Firefighting Foams


IB-07 Date of manufacture stamping of portable fire extinguisher cylinders


IB-08 Safe Handling of Portable Extinguishers during servicing 


IB-09 Primary & Secondary Reference Documents 


Technical Advisory Notes


TAN-01  Requirement to Consider Simultaneous Draw from a Single Water Supply


TAN-02  Occupant Warning System Primary Power Source Requirements


TAN-03 Maintenance of Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD)


Good Practice Guides


GPG-01 Specification & Application of Intumescent Coating Systems for the Fire Protection of Structural Steel


GPG-02 Completion of Extinguisher Service Records When Not All Tasks Can Be Undertaken


GPG-03 Adoption and use of AS 1851-2012 (version 3)


GPG-04 Annual Fire Safety Statements Good Practice Guide


Reference Documents


RD-01 Development and Governance of Technical Documents (internal use only)


RD-02 Cylinder Safety (Transport) Caps


RD-03 Gaseous Fire Suppression System Actuators