Product Certification


ActivFire® - Fire Protection Equipment Listing Scheme


ActivFire is an independent listing scheme which lists fire protection equipment that has been tested and evaluated to conform to relevant standards and specifications.


The scheme was first established in 1989 by the Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) as a joint government agency and industry initiative, in consultation with FPA Australia in response to the Foley Report which identified a number of concerns which needed addressing in regards to testing and certifying fire protection equipment.


In 2004, the SSL services and facilities were transferred to the CSIRO division of Materials Science and Engineering (CSIRO-MSE).

The ActivFire scheme publishes a list of fire protection equipment which has been verified as conforming to Australian Standards, international standards and technical specifications. The list is known as the Register of Fire Protection Equipment.


Through an MOU with CSIRO, FPA Australia endorses the ActivFire scheme and commends equipment listed. The CSIRO is one of a number of organizations able to undertake third party testing of equipment.


ActivFire is administered by CSIRO. The ActivFire register of fire protection equipment can be accessed at Please note that the ActivFire scheme is no longer directly referenced by clause A2.2 of the Building Code of Australia. However, it remains an acceptable means of demonstrating the suitability of a material or form of construction in accordance with clause A2.2 (a) (i) of the Building Code of Australia, as CSIRO is a Registered Testing Authority as defined by the Building Code of Australia.