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Technical Advisory Notes


Technical Advisory Notes provide interpretation of non-FPA Australia documents (e.g. Australian Standards, Legislation, Practice Notes, etc.) and advocates best practice for compliance and processes



TAN-03 Maintenance of Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD)




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TAN-02 AS1670.1 Occupant Warning System Primary Power Source Requirements

Posted on 01/10/2013

This document explains the primary power source rating and battery capacity requirements for occupant warning systems to 3.22 (b) of AS1670.1 and how to satisfy these requirements.


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TAN-01 Requirement to Consider Simultaneous Draw from a Water Supply

Posted on 01/11/2011

Provides information and education in relation to considering the simultaneous water supply requirements for fire protection equipment, namely, fire hydrants, automatic fire sprinklers and fire hose reels served by the same water supply.


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*Only preview copies of Technical Advisory Notes, Good Practice Guides and Reference Documents (showing table of contents, where applicable, and the purpose statement) are available from the website.

FPA Australia members can download full copies of these documents from CONNECT.

The FPA Australia Board has recently decided to also allow access to full copies of these documents to non-FPA Australia members however to obtain full copies of these documents you will need to email advising what your interest in the document is (this is to assist FPA Australia to identify who is using our documents and why).