RD-03 V1.1 Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems Actuators


Identifying actuators used on gaseous suppression system cylinders, and making sure they are in the "set" position prior to installation is critical to working safely with gaseous cylinders. Technician need to be able to:

  • Identify whether an actuator is resettable or not;
  • Recognise if the actuator is in the "fired" or "set" position;
  • Recognise any potential danger in handling the actuator;
  • Select and use the correct resetting tool; and thereby
  • Prevent accidental discharge of the cylinder which could cause injury to yourself and others and release the gas to atmosphere.


This document has been published to assist technician's identify types of actuators used on the most commonly installed gaseous suppression systems in Australia.


RD-03 Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems Actuators

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Published: 1/12/2013



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