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Good Practice Guides


Good Practice Guides provide detailed advice for the application of good fire protection industry work practices where other suitable non-FPA Australia documents (e.g Australian Standards, Legislation, Practice Notes, etc.) do not exist or lack detail.


GPG-05 Baseline Data for Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems

Posted on 17/02/2017

This comprehensive document has been prepared by FPA Australia to provide guidance on baseline data for the routine service of fire protection systems.


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GPG-03 Adoption and Use of AS 1851-2012 (Version 4)

Posted on 01/05/2016

This Good Practice Guide is intended to provide practical guidance on the regulatory framework relating to the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment in each state and territory and the use of AS 1851-2012.


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GPG-04 Annual Fire Safety Statements - New South Wales

Posted on 01/03/2014

This guide presents feature of good practice in relation to the application and implementation on Annual Fire Safety Statement requirements and is recommended to industry in order to achieve consistency for all stakeholders in the process.


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GPG-02 Completion of Extinguisher Service Records When Not All Tasks Can Be Undertaken

Posted on 01/05/2013

This Good Practice Guide includes examples of situations where circumstances mean that not all service activities can be conducted on portable fire extinguishers and provides recommendations on how to record this appropriately.


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GPG-01 Specification and Application of Intumescent Coating Systems for Structural Steel

Posted on 01/12/2012

This document has been prepared to provide guidance in relation to the specification and application of intumescent coating systems (ICS) for the fire protection of structural steel.


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*Only preview copies of Technical Advisory Notes, Good Practice Guides and Reference Documents (showing table of contents, where applicable, and the purpose statement) are available from the website.


FPA Australia members can download full copies of these documents from CONNECT.


The FPA Australia Board has recently decided to also allow access to full copies of these documents to non-FPA Australia members however to obtain full copies of these documents you will need to email advising what your interest in the document is (this is to assist FPA Australia to identify who is using our documents and why).