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Fire Protection Licence Fees


Regulation 346 provides for increases for certain Part 6A application fees, including fees for refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) and fire protection licences.


Prior to 2013, permit fees had not increased since the licensing schemes began. The rise in fees on 1 January 2013 is intended to cover the increase in the cost of administering the licensing schemes as well as establishing a basis for the indexation of fees to ensure they continue to meet administrative costs into the future. The indexation of fees will apply annually from 1 January 2014 and will be based on the Wage Price Index published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Catalog 6345.0).


The table below sets out the current fees as well as fees from 1 January 2014:


Fire Protection License Fees Current Fee (2013) From 1 January 2014
Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence - Qualified Persons (2 years)  $250  $257
Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence - Experienced Persons (1 year)  $125  $128
Extinguishing Agent Trainee Licence - (1 year)  $125  $128
Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation (2 years)  $420  $431
Halon Special Permit (1 year)  $250  $257