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Honorary Life Members


From time to time FPA Australia's membership elects leaders in our industry to become Honorary Life Members of the Association.   


This honour goes to members who are considered to have rendered exceptional service in the work of fire prevention and protection in Australia or overseas for a period in excess of fifteen years.  


With Bill Lea and David Isaac being recognised at Fire Australia 2022, we now have seven Honorary Life Members:   


David Isaac New South Wales
Peter Johnson Victoria
Bill Lea, AFSM New South Wales
Barry Lee, OAM New South Wales
Robert Llewellyn           Victoria
Chris Orr New South Wales
Norm Winn Victoria


The Board, membership, and staff of FPA Australia thank our Honorary Life Members for their contribution to our industry.   


FPA Australia is sad to report that one of our Honorary Life Members, Bob Bell, passed away on Sunday, 27 February, 2022.  


We have been advised that another Life Member, Peter Sutherland, has also died recently.  We are currently writing an article about him, which we will post soon.  


We offer both men's family and friends our heartfelt condolences.