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Workshop Surveys - Skills and Women in Fire

Posted on : Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Missed the Skills and Women in Fire workshops? 


It's not too late to do our surveys.  Your answers will help FPA Australia to develop strategies and initiatives that will help to plug the skills gap and encourage greater gender diversity. 


The surveys are accessible through the URLs below. 


An industry of choice:  how to attract the practitioners of the future


Our industry is ageing, and there is an urgent need to replace current practitioners as they begin to retire.  


Competition for new entrants, and a diminishing existing workforce, is set to have a more significant impact on our industry than most others.  


As current workers retire, expertise and knowledge in the industry could be lost, so there's an urgency to encouraging more people to become fire protection practitioners before senior people depart.  


The current process, whereby qualified but inexperienced practitioners are mentored by their managers, cannot succeed if fresh blood doesn't join the industry.  


FPA Australia is seeking to capture this experience before it is no longer available, by transforming our approach to training and education.  


So what need to be done to encourage the fire practitioners of the future to see the industry as a career path?


Turning words into action:  A 2030 plan for Women in Fire


Over the last few years, FPA Australia has been looking at strategies to encourage more women into the fire protection sector. 


These discussions have focused on changing attitudes, breaking down existing barriers, and providing appropriate support to female fire practitioners. 


We are now developing a plan for the future, and collating ideas on how to improve the participation of young women seeking a career in fire protection.  


But we need your help.  How can we melt the glass ceiling?  


Share your views and ideas, and make your contribution to the future of the industry.