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Victorian Cladding Taskforce findings reflect regulatory failure

Posted on : Friday, 1 December 2017

The Victorian Cladding Taskforce Chairs' interim report, released today, has made positive headway by recommending a range of steps to increase regulatory surveillance and enforcement in the state's building industry.


The report's finding that potentially more than 1400 Victorian buildings have been fitted with non-compliant cladding is a clear reflection of the systemic shortfall of regulatory and enforcement processes in the building industry, and many of the report's recommendations aim to address this.


"Lack of regulatory enforcement has led Victoria to this point, and we support the Taskforce's calls for greater auditing and penalties for those doing the wrong thing," said Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) CEO Scott Williams.


"The system must support the outcomes that lead to safe, compliant buildings."


To achieve that the regulatory system must ensure building practitioners have the appropriate skills and competence.


"Without all the practitioners involved in the lifecycle of a building being registered, competent and held accountable, you cannot address the underlying cause of these 1400 buildings having the wrong product installed on them or potentially other compliance issues," said Mr Williams.


FPA Australia looks forward to the Victorian Government implementing many of the recommendations and working towards restoring consumer confidence in the building industry.

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