VBA extends the date for registering Victorian routine service practitioners

Posted on : Friday, 11 December 2020

The deadline for being registered or licensed to carry out routine service work on water based fire protection systems has been extended from 31 December, 2020, to 31 July, 2021.
The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has accepted FPA Australia's request to extend the date in order to facilitate the transition of the industry to the new requirements.  

Restricted registration and licensing for the routine service of water based fire protection systems was introduced by the VBA earlier this year, as outlined in this fact sheet.

Today's changes mean that, after 31 July, 2021, any practitioners performing routine service work on fire hose reels, fire hydrant systems, or fire sprinkler systems must be registered or licensed by the VBA.  Unregistered or unlicensed individuals will not be able to carry out such work from that date.  

For routine service work on fire sprinkler systems and pumped hydrant systems there will be additional requirements following 31 July 2021.
FPA Australia has launched training and assessment pathways to help the fire protection industry to comply with the VBA requirements, with the first fire hydrant course commencing this week.  Further details on training and assessment for each restricted class can be found by following the links below.  








Late last month we held a webinar about the restricted registration and licensing requirements.  If you would like to know more but were unable to attend that session, you can find a recording of it on FPA Australia's SPARK platform, by clicking here.  To access the recording, you will need to log on to SPARK using your FPA Australia username and password.  
If you have any questions on the restricted classes, please don't hesitate to contact FPA Australia's Training Team on training@fpaa.com.au or (03) 8892 3182.