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Two-year logbooks now available

Posted on : Thursday, 7 December 2017

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) is proud to announce the launch of new two-year editions of our most popular logbooks.


The new editions provide better value and greater convenience for fire protection practitioners who hold contracts running longer than 12 months. They are offered alongside our current one-year logbooks, which will continue to be available.


Limited stock of the new logbooks are available for shipping now, so get your orders in now to have them posted before the end of the year.


Two-year logbooks are available for*:


  • LB2A2 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems - Wet Pipe Systems
  • LB3A2 Fire Pumpsets - Electric Motor
  • LB3B2 Fire Pumpsets - Compression Ignition (Diesel)
  • LB6A2 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - General Requirements (available in both A4 and A5 versions)
  • LB6B2 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Emergency Warning Systems & Emergency Intercom Systems


Don't forget our end of year logbook offer; buy 10, only pay for nine, and free shipping orders of 10 or more! **


Order the new logbooks here.


Why use FPA Australia logbooks?


FPA Australia has developed the most comprehensive suite of fire protection logbooks in the country. They are frequently updated by our dedicated team to ensure they are current.


Meeting varied legislation across Australia is complex and the legal liabilities are vast. FPA Australia logbooks meet the service requirements of AS 1851-2005, AS 1851-2012 and AS 2293.2, and are guaranteed to be compliant in all states and territories.


FPA Australia logbooks are easy to use, follow industry best practice and provide barcoded forms in triplicate.

If you have any enquires contact Kate Foster on 03 8892 3131, email or visit our Sales Centre.

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