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Tasmanian ASE upgrade

Posted on : Friday, 29 July 2022

The Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) has prepared further information for building owners about changes to their current alarm signalling equipment (ASE) and  provided a flyer with relevant details here.  


This work aims to ensure that all required premises are upgraded before Telstra switches the 3G Network off in June, 2024. 


To reinforce the message, TFS is now conducting a targeted roll-out to building owners notifying them of the three-month installation window within which their building must be upgraded, commencing on 1 July, 2022, and finishing on 31 December, 2023. 


Building owners will be advised to contact their fire maintenance contractor to manage this process for them.  


The roll-out schedule will allow the TFS to pre-purchase a bulk supply of the newer Romteck ASE 4G (dual sim) systems, thereby ensuring a standard price and guaranteeing the availability of supply.  It will also help contractors to plan for the work.  


TFS asks cpmtractprs to work with their clients to ensure that they meet their timeframe requirements.  


Copies of the schedule should already have been circulated, but if you or a client have not received it, or if you are unable to help the client,  please contact  



ASE 3118 - Disable of Isolate Function from 1 July, 2022


Australian Standards AS 1670.1, AS 1670.3, and AS 1670.4, which are referenced in the current National Construction Code 2019 (Amendment 1), include the requirement for the isolate function at the ASE to be disabled. 


The Department of Police, Fire, and Emergency Management (DPFEM) has recently initiated a support agreement with the suppliers of the ASE 3118, Romteck to purchase the necessary software upgrades that will allow for this function to be performed.  


Currently the TFS supplies all ASEs to fire maintenance contractors in isolate and off-line mode to prevent a false callout. 


As of 1 July, 2022, all ASEs will be supplied in off-line mode only, with the Isolate function disabled, and the test duration will increase from 2 hours to 4 hours. 


Contractors should review their business practices and ASE installation procedures to ensure they are in line with this update.  


Installation guides and support sheets are now on the  TFS Website, and,  if you have any further queries regarding this matter, please email