Public comment now open on the latest drafts of FPAA101D and FPAA101H

Posted on : Monday, 30 November 2020

Public comment has now commenced on the following draft technical specifications:  

  • a revision of FPAA101D, Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation  - Drinking Water Supply
  • an amendment of FPAA101H, Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation  - Hydrant Water Supply


These drafts address feedback received from a variety of stakeholders since the publication of these specifications in December, 2018, and their subsequent adoption in the National Construction Code 2019.  
This feedback included:  

  • concerns about the readability of FPAA101D; 
  • a request from some water service authorities for a FPAA101D system configuration that goes through the SOU water meter; 
  • concerns about the disproportionate effect that some limited non-residential parts of the building can have on FPAA101H systems; 
  • updates to Australian Standards since the publication of these technical specifications; and 
  • other minor editorial and technical changes.  


Anyone who has worked with such systems is strongly encouraged to review these public comment drafts and provide feedback on the drafts.  
Public comment closes on Monday, 18 January, 2021.
See  here on our website to download the public comment drafts, submit your comments, and find out more about the revision and amendment.