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NSW releases fire safety statement FAQ

Posted on : Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has released a set of frequently asked questions about the new annual fire safety statement form included as part of the NSW building and fire safety reforms released last year.


The FAQs answer some of the questions Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has been asking the Department since the implementation of the reforms.


The most significant point in the FAQs is the clarification of who should issue the annual fire safety statement. The FAQs clarify that the 'competent fire safety practitioner' who completes the annual fire safety assessment should not also issue the statement on behalf of the building owner. The statement must be issued by the building owner, or by a separate agent on their behalf, in order to minimise potential conflicts of interest, the FAQ says:


"The Regulation allows an agent to issue the annual fire safety statement on behalf of the building owner. The agent who issues the statement may be a competent fire safety practitioner, however that person should not be involved in the assessment of any of the measures or the inspection of the building for the purposes of the statement."


This is in line with the advice FPA Australia has provided in our own NSW reforms FAQs, launched prior to the reforms coming into effect on 1 October 2017, which advise fire safety practitioners not to sign fire safety statements as the issuing agent.


FPA Australia will continue to seek clarification from the Department on a number of issues within the reforms, in response to questions raised by our members.


Click here to read the NSW Government FAQ.