New and updated Good Practice Guides — AFSS; Smoke Alarms

Posted on : Friday, 21 February 2020

FPA Australia has recently published an updated version of its Good Practice Guide (GPG-04) on fire safety statements to reflect the updated requirements as a result of the NSW building reforms, and the upcoming NSW Government recognition of the FPAS Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) and Fire Systems Design (FSD) classes of accreditation.


The updated guide is based on the NSW reforms FAQs on the FPA Australia website as well as the presentations and learnings from the Association's seminars and other work on delivery on the FPAS FSA and FSD accreditation.


A new Good Practice Guide (GPG-08) on residential smoke alarms has also been published. This Good Practice Guide is intended to provide practical guidance on smoke alarm performance, regulatory requirements and the development of escape plans. This GPG represents the first output of some ongoing work by the Association in this area.


Preview versions are available on the website  here and  here. Full versions available to members on CONNECT or non-members on request as per the instructions on the above linked pages.