Adoption of the 2022 edition of the NCC will be delayed

Posted on : Monday, 26 October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for the whole community, and the building industry is not excepted.  


Given these difficulties, the Building Ministers Forum has agreed to delay the commencement of the next edition of the NCC for four months. 


The commencement date will now be 1 September, 2022, instead of 1 May, 2022. 


The delay has been accepted to allow additional time for stakeholders to participate in the development and consultation over the draft Code.  


To accommodate this, the ABCB has announced the following adjusted dates: 


  • May, 2021

    The ABCB will again be delivering its NCC Seminars in 2021, planned for each capital city during May next year.  Booking and registration information will be available in early 2021.



  • May - July, 2021

    NCC 2022 Public Comment Draft released for public consultation



  • May, 2022

    NCC 2022 Preview published at



Any queries about the proposed timetable, or in relation to the NCC more generally, can be submitted online to the ABCB.  


FPAA is a member of the Building Codes Committee (BCC) which is the building industry advisory committee to the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on the content of the National Construction Code (NCC). 


In this role we provide advice and services on matters related to the fire protection provisions of the National Construction Code. 


For the upcoming 2022 NCC FPAA have been involved in the following;


  • developing a Proposal for Change, in partnership with Fire Rescue NSW and the Australasian Fire Authorities Council, for the installation of sprinkler protection in new Class 2 and 3 buildings (generally residential buildings such as apartments and hotels etc) up to 3 storeys in height - "PFC 2020-4-68 Adoption of cost-effective fire sprinkler protection of buildings containing Class 2 and 3 parts less than four storeys in height: Proponent: Nathan Semos (FPAA), Mark Whybro (FRNSW) and Amanda Leck (AFAC)"
  • undertaking an editorial redraft of the existing FPAA 101D and 101H sprinkler systems documents that are currently referenced in the NCC.  The intention of this redraft is to provide technical clarification and to make the documents more readable and easier to use; and 
  • reviewing and commenting on all other Proposals for Change, submissions, and proposed policy changes to the NCC and the work program of the Australian Building Codes Board.  Of particular interest amongst the policy discussions are:  

    • building product certification; 
    • quantification of the NCC performance requirements, both fire safety and bushfire; 
    • research into automatic warning of occupants of smoke - NCC Volume Two; 
    • future installation of on-site renewables and EV charging; 
    • early childhood centres in high-rise buildings; and 
    • primary schools in high-rise buildings.  


There were in excess 100 proposals for change (PFC's) submitted to the ABCB for inclusion into the NCC 2022, and at the most recent BCC meeting 29 were reviewed for consideration for inclusion into the public comment draft. 19 PFCs related to fire, including:  


  • definition of volume
  • fire rated elements adjoining external elements; 
  • spandrels and one-way vs two-way FRLs; 
  • external fire compartment exposure; 
  • fire test drains; 
  • test reports for construction joints; 
  • carpark FRL concessions and slabs over; 
  • installations in exits and paths of travel; 
  • zone pressurisation clarifications; 
  • classification of 9c buildings; 
  • sliding doors in patient care areas; 
  • AC ducts penetrating fire walls with fire dampers in Class 2 and 3 buildings; and 
  • fire resistance tests - lift landing doors.  


As can be seen from the lists above, the NCC has considerable content relating to fire matters, which requires a significant amount of participation from FPA Australia.   


If you have any queries about this or any other related NCC issues, please contact the Technical team at