Last chance for comments on FPAA101D and FPAA101H

Posted on : Thursday, 7 January 2021

Public comment is closing on Monday, 18 January, 2021, for FPA Australia's review of the following draft technical specifications:  


  • a revision of FPAA101D, Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation   - Drinking Water Supply
  • an amendment of FPAA101H, Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation   - Hydrant Water Supply


These drafts address feedback received from a variety of stakeholders since the publication of these specifications in December, 2018, and their subsequent adoption in the National Construction Code 2019.  
This feedback included:  


  • concerns about the readability of FPAA101D; 
  • a request from some water service authorities for a FPAA101D system configuration that goes through the SOU water meter; 
  • concerns about the disproportionate effect that some limited non-residential parts of the building can have on FPAA101H systems; 
  • updates to Australian Standards since the publication of these technical specifications; and 
  • other minor editorial and technical changes.  


If you have worked with such systems, we strongly encourage you to review these public comment drafts and provide feedback to us.  
To make a comment, or to get more information about the review, visit our website here.