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Helping FSA and FSD practitioners become qualified

Posted on : Thursday, 7 July 2022

The Accreditation team is about to commence a new project to help FSA and FSD practitioners to move from transitional to qualified accreditation.  


This will enable practitioners to identify the training they need to complete to gain qualified status.  


Individuals holding transitional accreditation will receive a one-page document stating their qualification level and the relevant units of competency they will need to undertake for the measures they hold.  


We anticipate that the project will be completed in early October, 2022, and will keep practitioners updated about our progress.  


Once this has been done for FSA and FSD accredited practitioners, we intend to do the same thing for our Inspect and Test practitioners.  


Here is an example for a FSA practitioner:



Fire Safety Assessor - Transition to Qualified Requirements




Qualification Required:  Certificate II or above (see here for a list of accepted FSA qualifications.  If your qualification is not listed, please send us a copy at for us to review) 


Units Required: (15 units in total to complete)


FSA measures:

  1. Automatic fire suppression systems (level 1)      
  2. Fire hydrant systems (level 1)    
  3. Automatic fire detection and alarm systems (level 1)      
  4. Fire hose reel systems  
  5. Wall-wetting sprinkler and drencher systems     
  6. Fire seals protecting openings in fire-resisting components         
  7. Access panels, doors and hoppers to fire-resisting shafts
  8. Fire doors         
  9. Solid core doors             
  10. Emergency warning and intercommunication systems   
  11. Smoke detectors and heat detectors      
  12. Smoke alarms and heat alarms 
  13. Portable fire extinguishers         
  14. Exit signs           
  15. Emergency lighting        
  16. Automatic fail-safe devices        
  17. Division 7 Miscellaneous fire safety offences



Deliver and monitor a service to customers


Assess building plans*


Inspect building fire safety systems*


Identify and report on types of installed fire safety equipment and systems


Identify, inspect and test fire and smoke doors


Identify, inspect and test passive fire and smoke containment products and systems


Conduct functional tests on fire detection, warning and intercommunication devices


Inspect and test emergency and exit lighting systems


Inspect and test fire hose reels


Inspect and test fire hydrant systems


Install portable fire extinguishers, fire cabinets and fire blankets


Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets


Conduct basic functional testing of water-based fire-suppression systems^


Inspect and test fire pumpsets^


Conduct annual routine service of complex water-based fire-suppression systems^


The units in bold can be completed in the CPP20521 Certificate II in Fire Protection (Inspect & Test) which FPA Australia's RTO delivers.

*Units will be available for completion through FPA Australia's RTO from September


^for FPA enrolled students we are working toward having the CPC units able to be assessed in the Barry Lee Training Room, Orchid Hills Sydney from late 2022/early 2023.


Please ensure that you enquire about an RPL process.


Experience Requirements:  Transitional Accreditation.


Further information and link to application form: