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Offsite tour insights into fire protection

Posted on : Tuesday, 17 May 2022



Fire Australia 2022 ended with two fascinating offsite tours to the Crown Entertainment Complex and the Warringtonfire Australia laboratories.  


These tours gave attendees an opportunity to look behind the scenes at two impressive locations and to be inspired by cutting-edge testing facilities and innovative fire protection systems.  



Warringtonfire Australia


The tour began with an introduction and overview of what Warrington does at the laboratories, covering the different parts of the business, the processes with which they are involved, and a description of their activities in fire safety engineering, independent fire testing, fire assessment, and product certification.  


The tour was broken into three groups to tour the three sections of the facility:  


  • groups 1 and 2 went to the main part of the laboratory, to look at large scale fire testing, including fire resistance testing, reaction to fire testing, and bushfire testing; and 
  • group 3 visited the laboratory rooms to inspect the other equipment used in testing and were shown examples of the different scales they can test, from large full-scale items down to very small samples (around fingertip size).  


The grand finale of the tour was a full-scale compartment fire demonstration, showing how quickly a room fire can get out of control.  



Crown Entertainment Complex


The tour began with staff describing their fire systems and how they go about testing them in such a complex, 24/7 environment.  


Participants were told that over time Crown has developed system isolates that allow them to minimise building / customer impacts during testing, and to prevent hold-ups and issues on the testing days HVAC techicians carry out reconnaissance works to locate unknown access hatches, dampers, and fans.  


The walking part of the tour began with a general look at the back of house area through to the Aviary events space, a fully fire engineered temporary structure on the Crown Melbourne rooftop. 


The group was then taken to the main fire control room where they viewed ASE equipment, and discussed emergency warning system and alarm activations.  


The tour closed with a look at the podium fire pump rooms and two of the sprinkler pump rooms, where participants were able to ask questions and discuss the equipment.




Thank you to all who attended Fire Australia and who took the time to visit Warringtonfire Australia or the Crown Entertainment Precinct.  We hope you found it interesting and informative.