SA Essential Safety Provisions and Restricted Plumbing Licences

Posted on : Thursday, 29 October 2020

Recently, Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) wrote to the Hon. Vickie Chapman MP, Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, and Minister for Planning and Local Government, about a couple of issues:  


  • the need for training for the industry on incoming changes to maintenance and testing of essential safety provisions, under Ministerial Building Standard SA002 - Maintaining the performance of essential safety provisions (MBS 002); and 


  • a request that the Government delay the commencement of the restricted plumbing licence, which was due to begin on 1 November, 2020.  


We have just heard back from the Deputy Premier, who has advised that: 


  • MBS 002 will be adopted in urban areas as part of Phase 3 of the Planning, Development, and Infrastructure Act 2016 early next year. 

    The Government does not believe that there will be any changes to basic maintenance and testing requirements for essential safety provisions, and is therefore not intending to deliver training at this time; and 


  • the Government has agreed to delay the commencement of restricted plumbing licences to 31 December, 2020, and may consider a further extension if necessary.  


FPA Australia is in contact with Graham Close, Senior Regulatory Officer, from the Department about the restricted licensing and what it means for the industry - you can find out more about the changes  here.  

If you require training in order to obtain your licence, please express your interest here.