Coronavirus restrictions are starting to ease

Posted on : Thursday, 24 September 2020

Following lower new coronavirus case numbers across Australia, governments have moved to remove some of their restrictions:  


  • in Victoria, the rolling two week average is falling, and Premier Daniel Andrews has confimed that restrictions are likely to be eased this weekend, in line with the previously annonced roadmap; 


  • in NSW, restrictions on entertainment have been reduced, allowing 50% capacity at most venues; 


  • in South Australia the limitations on NSW residents entering the state have been removed, although Victorian residents are still restricted;  and 


  • Queensland has opened its borders to people from the ACT, but only if they are flying in - most of NSW and all of Victoria are prevented from visiting.   


These announcements are a positive step towards the full opening of the economy, but there is still some distance to go. 


However, work has been ongoing with securing access to a COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to be available starting in early 2021, and will presumably ultimately allow all restrictions to be removed. 


We will continue to monitor developments as they occur.  

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