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CEO's report - May, 2022

Posted on : Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Dear members,


Fire Australia's over for another year, and it was great to meet our members in-person, many for the first time. 


I greatly enjoyed my first conference and personally think that it was a very informative Conference program and an impressive Tradeshow, showcasing the best ideas, products, and solutions for the fire protection sector. 


We certainly had some attention-grabbing topics - former Deputy Coroner Hugh Dillon talking about compliance versus safety attitudes; demographer Bernard Salt describing the work-life balance of the future; workshops on skills, women in fire, mental health, and the value of fire; presentations on the future of the industry, liability and insurance, developments with regulation and standards, the risks of electric vehicles, sustainability concerns, and the perspective of firefighters; and technical sessions on bushfire housing, sprinklers, megastructures, defects, certification, interfaces, and high hazard spaces; and more. 


And we've got lots of ideas on how we can do even better next year! 


But that's only my perspective - we sent out a survey last week to delegates and exhibitors to ascertain their views, and I'd encourage all attendees to provide their feedback to make the event even better. 


Next year's event will be returning to the International Conference and Convention Centre in Sydney's Darling Harbour, and we've already been thinking about what changes we want to make to improve participants' experience of the Conference and Tradeshow. 


Your feedback will go a long way to help us to plan an amazing event for 2023. 



Getting your views


Talking about surveys, we have a few opportunities for you to share your perspectives on the future of the Association, solutions for the skills gap, and ways to improve gender diversity in the industry. 


The first is a FPA Australia Member Survey, which is part of our strategy development process. 


The purpose of the survey is to gain insights from members and practitioners, which will inform and contribute to our next strategic plan. 


The survey should take about 3-4 minutes to complete, and respondents who provide their email address by 30 May, 2022, will go into the draw to win an iPad.  


Thank you in advance for completing this survey and contributing to the future direction of FPA Australia. 


The second survey was submitted to participants in one of the workshops at Fire Australia 2022:  An industry of choice:  how to attract the practitioners of the future


This session looked at the ageing industry and the urgent need to replace current practitioners as they begin to retire. 


Through the discussion and the survey, we are seeking ideas to increase the opportunities provided our sector and introduce the pathways that will create a readily available workforce for the future. 


The final survey was also used in a workshop at Fire Australia 2022:  Turning words into action:  A 2030 plan for Women in Fire


This discussion examined the gender diversity issues faced by our industry and sought solutions to encourage more women into fire protection. 


The outcomes of this survey will be used to develop a plan for the future, and collate ideas on how to improve the participation of women in our sector. 


These surveys will be open for responses until COB on Monday, 30 May, 2022. 



As you can see, we've undertaking a lot of work to improve the outlook of the Association for coming years and to ensure that it remains viable and successful. 


As members, your input is vital, so that we can be sure that all of our activities are directed towards a strong and productive future for the fire protection industry. 


We'd love to hear your views! 


All the best!  



John Kilgour