AS 2419.1:2021 now published

Posted on : Wednesday, 8 September 2021


FPA Australia is pleased to announce that the 2021 revision of AS 2419.1 Fire Hydrant Installations, was published on 3 September, 2021.


The new standard can now be applied under a Performance Solution and will hopefully be picked up in the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the NCC soon.  


FPA Australia would like to thank the Standards Australia FP-009 committee for its significant efforts revising the standard in such a short timeframe, with special credit going to  Mark Porter from Fire and Rescue NSW, who was the draft leader. 


Mark was recognised for his work in this space as a recipient of the 2021 Standards Australia Meritorious Contribution Award - National.  


We would also like to recognise our own representatives on the FP-009 committee:  Mark Cummings (Eclipse Fire) and Shae Mete (FPA Australia).  


The new standard builds on many of the improvements from the 2017 edition, by:


  • reworking content to improve its use and readability, adding key sections like system performance and informative appendices that clarify the intent of the sections and clauses within the standard;  


  • including a number of limitations.  For example, while the requirements could previously be applied to all buildings without amendment, this edition recognises that a building of extraordinary size and/or particular uses (i.e. automatic storage systems) would require a performance solution to address the particular hazards that these circumstances represent; 


  • including new technologies and industry best practices to enable competitive and cost-effective design and water conservation; 


  • separating the previous section 8 on pipework and valves into two sections; 


  • acknowledging the benefits of installed sprinkler systems to control the development and spread of fire; and   


  • introducing requirements for high-rise buildings based on internationally applied standards.