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CEO's report - July, 2022

Posted on : Monday, 18 July 2022

Dear members,


FPA Australia's Provider of Choice platform is getting an overhaul. 


Over the last few months, the Member Services team has been reviewing existing functionality and creating a new, improved database for customers searching for a fire practitioner. 


Early last week, Corporate member representatives will have received correspondence advising them about the new platform and asking them to update their company information and their list of trading activities.  It is important that you do so. 


The reason for this is because the team has now added several new categories, to help you promote your services more effectively. 


We've also given the site a fresher, cleaner look and fixed up our Google Maps link so that your business can be found more quickly. 


The new Provider of Choice will be launched in August, so we're keen to ensure that as many members as possible have updated their profiles before the launch.  If you are having trouble accessing the link provided to you, please contact the team on (03) 8892-3131 or at


This work is part of a broader review currently underway to improve member benefits and services:  


  • we're finalising a plan to refresh the FPA Australia website;
  • we're revisiting the value proposition of membership to ensure that you get real support from belonging; and
  • next month I will be formally announcing a new program - MyRewards - which will give tangible benefits to our member companies and their staff . 


We're also working on a plan to emphasise the importance of fire protection to the safety of the community … but I'll tell you more about that next month. 


If you're the main contact of a Corporate member, please take the opportunity to update your information and let us know how you want to be presented to potential customers. 


And in August, we'll promote you to the world.  


All the best!  




John Kilgour