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President's Report - May, 2022

Posted on : Tuesday, 31 May 2022


Dear members,


I'd like to start this month's report by congratulating the FPA Australia executive and team for their excellent work bringing Fire Australia 2022 to life. 


The event was very successful, with a world-class program and a tradeshow that continues to impress. 


I look forward to seeing what can be achieved for Fire Australia 2023 and hope to see you at the International Convention Centre in Sydney next May. 


The FPA Australia Board has also been working very hard this year, and the directors are to be congratulated.


We have set ourselves a demanding agenda for this year, encompassing some changes to our constitution, director education, and a new strategy. 



Constitutional reform


Earlier this year we commissioned a review of our constitution and by-laws, and we have set up a Constitutional Review Committee to oversee the recommendations and proposed changes. 


These amendments are intended to place better structures around the election and operation of the Board and the management of the Association. 


Our Constitution has not substantially been changed in many years, and is based on a template used by other organisations, such as the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.  It has been a useful document to date, but it does not adequately reflect the needs of FPA Australia. 


It is time that we develop a governing document that is relevant to our own circumstances. 



Director education


To ensure that directors are able to carry out their responsibilities effectively, the Board has agreed to participate in a series of governance workshops. 


These forums will detail the roles and responsibilities of directors, emphasise the difference between strategy and operation, and increase the Board's understanding of governance issues, so that we can best represent the interests of the members. 


In addition, we will be taking part in training about the latest legislation governing not-for-profit and charity organisations, including a refresher on our responsibilities to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. 


With these insights we will be able to provide better leadership and guidance to the FPA Australia team and help them to increase member value. 



FPA Australia's strategy


Many of you will have seen the member survey we sent out around the time of Fire Australia 2022, and I hope you have taken the opportunity to complete it.  


You may remember that there was an iPAD on offer for one lucky respondent, and I'm pleased to announce that the winner is  Luke MacDougall  from  Fire Safe Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd.  Congratulations, Luke - the team will get your prize out to you soon.  


The Board and Executive are currently working on a strategy, with the help of consultants Acutus, that will serve the Association well for the next five years. 


This includes a review of our membership structure and benefits, and opportunities for partnerships and increased engagement. 


We look forward to revealing the results of this work soon. 



Other initiatives


During Fire Australia 2022 we conducted workshops discussing the future of the Association and the industry. 


Surveys were conducted during these workshops, and were distributed after the event, seeking the views of members and stakeholders about solutions for the future of the industry. 


Over the next couple of months, I hope to be able to advise of a new initiative for FPA Australia, informed by that feedback. 



Until then, kind regards,


Bob Grieve