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Australian Standards Update - October, 2021

Posted on : Friday, 15 October 2021

Australian Standards

Here's the latest on fire protection-related standards building developed at Standards Australia:  



FP-002 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Public comment on the AS 1670.6 revision closed on Friday, 24 September, 2021.


The revision of AS 3786 (an adoption, with modification, of ISO 12239) is still awaiting resolution of the combined procedure (public comment and committee ballot).



FP-004 Automatic fire sprinkler installations

Progress continues on the revision of AS 2118.6.



FP-018 Fire Safety

Progress continues on the revisions of AS 1530.1 (Combustibility test) and AS 1530.4 (Fire-resistance tests).



FP-020 Construction in Bushfire Prone Areas

Progress continues on the new handbook for "Maintenance of construction in bushfire-prone areas" (SA HB 208).



FP-022 Fire Protection of Mobile and Transportable Equipment

Public comment on AS 5062 is currently being reviewed by the committee.



LG-011 Photoluminescent Exit Signage

Public comment on the draft new Australian Standard AS 5358.1.1, Photoluminescent exit signage: Product Specification, Installation, and Operation  is still yet to be resolved.


As an interim measure, a Technical Specification (SA TS 5367, Hybrid photoluminescent signage - Product specification, installation and operation) has been proposed.



Updated Sprinkler Technical Specifications


FPA Australia continues to await the outcome of the ABCB processes for adoption of the updated Sprinkler Technical Specifications - FPAA101D revision and FPAA101H amendment - in the NCC 2022. The outcome is expected to be confirmed shortly.


To view the public comment drafts (and to get some background on the key changes in these updates), see  here.   

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