Australian Standards and Technical Advisory Committee Updates - September, 2021

Posted on : Wednesday, 8 September 2021



Australian Standards

Here's the latest on fire protection-related standards building developed at Standards Australia:   


FP-002 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

The revision of AS 3786 (an adoption, with modification, of ISO 12239) is still awaiting resolution of the combined procedure (public comment and committee ballot). 


The revision of AS 1670.6 is still at public comment, closing Friday, 24 September, 2021. 


FP-004 Automatic fire sprinkler installations

Work continues to progress the revision of AS 2118.6. 


FP-009 Fire Hydrant Installations

AS 2419.1:2021 was published on 3 September.  Read our article to learn more.  


FP-018 Fire Safety

Work continues on the revisions of AS 1530.1 (Combustibility test) and AS 1530.4 (Fire-resistance tests).  


FP-020 Construction in Bushfire
Prone Areas

Work continues on the new handbook for "Maintenance of construction in bushfire-prone areas" (SA HB 208).  


FP-022 Fire Protection of Mobile and Transportable Equipment

Public comment on AS 5062 has now closed and is being reviewed by the committee.  


LG-011 Photoluminescent Exit Signage

The public comment on the draft new Australian Standard AS 5358.1.1 Photoluminescent exit signage:  Product Specification, Installation, and Operation  is still yet to be resolved. 


As an interim measure, a Technical Specification (SA TS 5367 Hybrid photoluminescent signage - Product specification, installation, and operation) has been proposed. 





Updated Sprinkler Technical Specifications

FPA Australia continues to await the outcome of the ABCB processes for adoption of the updated Sprinkler Technical Specifications - the FPAA101D revision and the FPAA101H amendment - in the NCC 2022.  The outcome is expected to be confirmed later this month.  


To view the public comment drafts (and to get some background on the key changes in these updates), see  here.   



Technical Advisory Committees update 


With rolling lockdowns across the country our Technical Advisory Committee meetings have had to move back to Zoom.

The most round of TAC meetings was held in July and August. Outcomes of these meetings are summarised below.  


TAC/1 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment

The TAC continues to work on its 2021 work program, including reviewing potential comments to be included in a draft project proposal for the revision of AS 1851-2012, as well as several technical documents.  


TAC/2 Fire detection and alarm systems

The TAC continues to seek to progress the draft Good Practice Guide on speaker layout and draft Information Bulletin on building occupant warning systems. 


The TAC continues to contribute actively  to the work by FP-002.  


The Committee also discussed updating Position Statement PS-05 Product compliance and evidence of suitability  (which is being discussed across most TACs) as well as other documents.  

TAC/3/7 Portable and mobile equipment

The TAC continues to await progress with the updated ACCC mandatory safety standard through the ACCC approval processes.  


Like TAC/1, the TAC continues to work on its 2021 work program, particularly potential changes to AS/NZS 1841 and AS/NZS 1850 for possible future project proposals.  


TAC/4/8/9 Fire sprinkler and hydrant systems, tanks and fixed fire pumps

The TAC continues to monitor and contribute to the work of FP-004 and FP-009.  


The TAC is contributing to draft pumpset checklists and a draft white paper for fire protection methods for lithium-ion battery fires. 


It also continues to discuss the development of several other outstanding technical documents.  


TAC/11/22 Special hazards fire protection systems

Following the FPA Australia webinar on the AS 5062 public comment draft, the TAC reviewed all comments for consideration as part of the FPA Australia public comment submission before we made our submission.  


TAC/11/22 also continues to monitor international standards developments and potential changes for PFAS and firefighting foams.  


TAC/17 Emergency planning

The TAC has begun work on a potential project proposal for the revision of AS 3745, which would address the impacts of the current COVID-19 situation on emergency evacuation procedures and identify any future guidelines that may be required.  


The TAC is also working on a draft Information Bulletin for evacuation exercises during a pandemic, updating Information Bulletin IB-11 on evacuation diagrams and several other documents.  


TAC/18/19 Passive fire protection

Discussions on the topic of passive training continue.  


The TAC is working on a draft Information Bulletin on using polyurethane foams, updating the Good Practice Guide (GPG-01) on the specification and application of intumescent coatings and PS-05 as well as other documents. 


TAC/20 Bushfire Safety

The TAC discussed:  

  • the need to develop or clarify a common definition for essential and critical infrastructure;  
  • clarification of the complex method used in the Bushfire Verification Method Handbook;  
  • issues identified in AS3959; 
  • the need to revise bushfire sprinkler standard; and  
  • the development of the BAL Assessment guide following the AS 3959 methodology.