Macklin Report recommends better funding and data-driven decision-making for Victorian VET

Posted on : Friday, 5 March 2021

The Andrews Government has released the Skills for Victoria's Growing Economy report, prepared by former Federal Education Minister, the Hon. Jenny Macklin. 


The review proposes reforms to ensure that Victorians have access to quality vocational education and training. 


These recommendations align with the views of FPA Australia that properly funded actions to improve student outcomes and to develop skills are essential to ensuring that industries such as ours have a viable workforce for the future. 


One of the biggest proposals is the creation of a new independent body - FutureSkills Victoria - to drive reform and promote more collaboration. 


Amongst other findings, the review found that the processes for developing and delivering training need improvement and that data-driven decision-making should help to establish a culture of continuous learning and develop a new model for financing the VET system. 


FPA Australia will be watching with interest to see whether these recommendations will be adopted by the Government to help drive real reform in the state.