FRNSW recognises FPA Australia, and current and former members and staff

Posted on : Sunday, 31 January 2021

The Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Honours and Awards Committee recognised the contributions of current and former FPA Australia members and staff for their role in changing legislation to mandate the installation of residential automatic fire sprinklers in mid-rise shared residential buildings. 


In a letter to the President, Bill Lea, Commissioner Paul Baxter commented that the reforms were'the most significant shift in fire safety in more than 20 years, since legislation started to mandate the installation of residential smoke alarms.' 


Commissioner Baxter thanked the following people for providing critical expertise and advice that aided in the development of the new sprinkler designs: 


  • Bill Lea, Fire System Design and Certification;
  • Matthew Wright, FPA Australia;
  • Shae Mete, FPA Australia;
  • Ian Findlay, FPA Australia;
  • Brett Dundules, FPA Australia; and
  • Mark Cummings, Eclipse Fire.


FPA Australia is proud to have contributed to such a significant development. 


Our Technical Specifications FPAA101D and FPAA101H are innovative solutions to the need for the sprinkler protection of residential buildings, and we are continually working to improve them. 


The adoption of these documents into the National Construction Code is a great step forward for fire safety, and a reinforcement of our mission to deliver safer communities, where loss of life, injury, and damage to property and the environment are eliminated through effective fire protection. 


We thank members for their ongoing support and contribution to these specifications.