FPA training recognised for VBA's restricted classes

Posted on : Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has confirmed that a FPA Australia training course meets the application requirements for both pumped and unpumped fire hydrant restricted classes.  

The course, "FPARS3120 Conduct water flow testing from fire hydrants using portable flow measuring devices", has been accepted by the Authority as suitable for delivering "knowledge in conducting the water supply proving test on fire hydrant systems". 

This means that practitioners who complete the training will be eligible for registration and licensing under the new restricted classes arrangements.  

The new arrangements, described in this fact sheet, restrict the routine servicing of water based fire protection equipment to qualified plumbers, under amendments to the Plumbing Regulations 2018, but allows certain practitioners currently performing the work to become licensed.  

The fire protection restricted classes were introduced by the VBA to address some of the significant concerns raised by our sector after the amendments unexpectedly designated the routine servicing of water based fire protection systems as "plumbing work."   

FPA Australia lobbied for the restricted classes to be introduced to overcome this designation, and the recognition of our course now provides an achievable pathway for individuals to meet the application requirements for registration or licensing in the class of pumped and unpumped fire hydrants and valves.  

The VBA has also advised that its Executive is currently considering FPA Australia's request to extend the deadline for restricted registration and licensing requirements until at least 30 June, 2021.  


For more information about training programs for the restricted licence classes, visit our training page here.