Two new directors welcomed to the FPA Australia Board

Posted on : Tuesday, 18 August 2020

FPA Australia is delighted to inform you that the Board has co-opted two new directors:  John Lynch and Stuart Yarnall.  

John Lynch has extensive experience working for Wormald since 2001, and has been the General Manager, Business Services since 2010.  


He is responsible for delivering back of house and functional support, including marketing, procurement, and management of the Wormald registered training organisation.  

He has been closely involved with the development of a qualification framework for the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).  

John also has strong relationships with NFIA, AFAC, and regulators such as the VBA, NSW Building Commissioner, FRNSW, and the NSW Environmental Protection Agency.  


Stuart Yarnall has been with Fire Rescue Victoria - the new name for the Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board - since 2019, as the Director and General Manager of the Fire Equipment Services group.  


This is the commercial division of the authority, which partners with clients to protect their people and assets by installing and maintaining fire and life safety systems, and training people in their use.   


Prior to that he worked as a business unit manager in risk management and compliance firm Greencap (part of Westfarmers) and as a business strategist and operational leader with the Beanstalk Solutions consulting firm.   


Both gentlement bring extensive experience in the worlds of fire protection and business to the FPA Australia Board. 


President, Bill Lea, welcomed the two new directors to the Board. 

"John and Stuart bring valuable skills to the Board at a time of unprecedented challenge, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and FPA Australia's ongoing restructure," he said.    

"They complement the existing directors and will bring different perspectives to the issues we currently face."  

"We are looking forward to them both joining us and helping to guide the Association into its next phase," he said.  


The Board will formally welcome John and Stuart at its next meeting later this month.