New Planning Codes in South Australia creating confusion for Fire Services Contractors

Posted on : Monday, 31 August 2020

The South Australian Government introduced the new Planning and Design Code for Regional Areas on 1 July, 2019, and the Planning and Design Code for Rural Areas on 31 July, 2020.  


These have created some confusion for maintenance contractors, particularly in relation to the requirements for completing and providing the annual FORM 3 - ESP Maintenance verification.  


An updated verification now applies to all new developments, and will be extended to metropolitan areas when the final Planning Code is released later this year.  


All new Form 3 ESP schedules must be prepared by the building certifier for the development, and will be made available on the new PlanSA website.  


Each contractor must complete the Form 3 and submit it to the building owner/manager annually, identifying the Essential Safety Provision(s) that they maintain.  


It must be signed by the maintenance contractor, company manager, or other person responsible for the maintenance and testing of the listed ESPs.  


A statement of relevant competency and/or qualification is now required, to verify the accuracy and completeness of the details provided.  


The Form also allows for the identification of any outstanding defects - whether critical or non-critical - and the reporting on any work being performed, and also allows for non-conformances such as missed routine services to be addressed.  It is mandatory that this section is completed.   


For existing buildings, it is still possible to use the existing Form 3, but the contractor may elect to complete and submit maintenance verification using the updated version to allow for the recording and identification of any defects that might otherwise not be reported.  


The Form is available at  


The last phase of PlanSA - a Planning and Design Code for large towns and metropolitan areas - is not expected to be released until after Christmas.  


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