FPA Australia's Coronavirus lockdown arrangements

Posted on : Monday, 3 August 2020

With the National Office of Fire Protection Association Australia based in the heart of metropolitan Melbourne, the Executive has had to introduce some changes to current services to ensure that we can meet the needs of our members during the current lock-down.  


These changes are temporary and are designed to provide appropriate levels of support during a period where all of our staff are required to work from home.  


We recognise that there may be some delays and difficulties in delivering the support members may currently expect, and ask for your patience at this time until conditions return to normal.  





We are currently receiving a higher volume of calls and e-mails than usual, due to the recent implementation of the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme in New South Wales.  


We have introduced a system to manage calls and e-mails remotely, but its flexibility is currently limited by remote working arrangements.  


We will, as always, endeavour to respond to all calls and e-mails as quickly as possible. 





We are currently operating under business as usual practices for the delivery of logbooks, with existing COVID-19 arrangements in place, and will endeavour to get orders to you as soon as practicable.  


Unfortunately, there may still be delays due to the increased restrictions and we apologise for any inconvenience.  





The receipt and processing of mail is impacted due to staff not being in the office. 


If you propose to send anything to us, we encourage you to use e-mail or other electronic means to ensure that we receive it in a timely fashion. 



Training and Assessment


We will be processing certificates and statements of attainment in batches, in accordance with authority requirements and therefore there will be a delay in distribution of these documents.  


Similarly, we are busy processing new enrolments and marking assessments To facilitate practical assessments, however, we will be rolling out a practical video assessment process over the next week to allow students to be examined remotely.  



Accreditation and Licensing



ID cards


During the lock-down, we are unfortunately unable to issue accreditation ID cards for Inspect and Test, cabling, or BPAD practitioners. 


However, we are looking into the use of digital solutions for FIre Safety Assessment and Fire Systems Design practitioners such as adigital wallet as an alternative.  We think this could also be a viable option for our other accreditation and licence categories.  


We will inform practitioners of our progress, and welcome feedback on this proposal. 





Some candidates may face delays, particularly if they are submitting their new applications or renewals by mail. 


FPA Australia advises that all applications and renewals be submitted electronically, to facilitate their processing.  


We will be sending out all renewal notices for FPAS, BPAD, and cabling via e-mail.  



Welcome packs


Unfortunately, with staff no longer in the office, Inspect and Test Welcome Packs will not be sent to accredited practitioners until further advised. 


If applicants wish to receive a pack in future, we will record that request and deliver them when possible.  



Confirmation of accreditation 


Practitioners are reminded that their details can be found on our accreditation registers. 


If clients need proof of accreditation, and you do not have a current card, we recommend sending them the link to your reference on the relevant register.   





FPA Australia proposes to continue running its webinar series, and does not anticipate that there will be any impact of the changes on that program. 




The FPA Australia team will do its best to help you during this difficult time.  We appreciate your patience and hope to return to normal activities soon.  


If you have any questions, please e-mail us at engagement@fpaa.com.au .