Posted on : Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The wait is almost over. 



It has been 16 months since Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) was advised by the then NSW Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services, and Innovation that he intended to recognise the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) under the Government's co-regulatory accreditation framework. 


Since then, we have worked hard to bring FPAS to the point where recognition was possible. 


On 1 July, 2020, we expect that the NSW Secretary of the Department of Customer Service will approve of the FPA Australia (FPAA) as an accreditation authority with respect to the accreditation of persons under section 59 of the  Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018


This approval will be given in writing, and the announcement will soon thereafter be published in the NSW Government Gazette. 


Recognition will be granted for: 


  • Fire Systems Design (FSD) work carried out under clauses 136AA and 146B; and
  • Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) work carried out under Part 9, Divisions 5 and 7,


of the  Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000


The approval will be the culmination of months of work since the role of 'competent fire safety practitioner' was first implemented in October, 2017. 


Since then, FPA Australia has not only tailored its FSD accreditation to meet the needs of the Government, but has created - from scratch - a complete accreditation class for FSA. 


From 1 July, 2020, it is expected that anyone endorsing plans and specifications (apart from C8 or C14 certifiers), or carrying out annual fire safety assessment work, will have to hold accreditation with FPA Australia in order to continue doing the work. 


As at 5pm on 30 June, this means that: 


  • 129 practitioners are accredited to carry out design - 83 in detection, 81 for hydrants and hose reels, and 70 designing sprinklers; and
  • 559 practitioners are accredited to perform fire safety assessment work. 


In fact, over 1,000 people have submitted applications to be a fire safety assessor.  

These accreditations are transitional - practitioners will have to become fully qualified within four years - however, we will continue to be able to accept applicants for transitional accreditation until 1 June, 2021. 


FPA Australia is proud of the hard work of our Accreditation and Licensing team to get the industry to the point where recognition was possible. 


It has been challenging, but we are proud to see so many applicants making it through the process, and look forward to many more gaining accreditation over the next 12 months! 


We would like to thank our staff who have dedicated themselves to the cause and made their way through a mountain of work to get us to this point. 


For more information about the recognition of FPAS or the application process, please contact us at  fpas@fpaa.com.au   or (03) 8892 3131.