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Fire protection work is an essential service

Posted on : Thursday, 4 June 2020

FPA Australia Chief Operating Officer, Nathan Semos, and AFAC Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Ellis, have released a joint statement about the importance of fire safety work during the current Coronavirus pandemic. 


The announcement emphasises that routine service is essential during these uncertain times. 


The text of the announcement follows: 


Routine service is an essential service


Routine service of fire protection systems, equipment and features in buildings and sites is critical to the safety of building occupants, property and the environment.


FPA Australia's members are contracted to building owners, occupiers and managers to provide essential routine servicing in buildings and sites prescribed by legislation.


FPA Australia and AFAC acknowledge that without these essential services, the community, the economy and fire services could be severely impacted in their day to day operations. 


Building, occupant protection and public safety could also potentially be compromised if these services aren't properly maintained.  


Failure to ensure that these systems are operational would impact fire services' operational readiness and emergency response efforts.


This routine service, when conducted by competent fire protection industry professionals across Australia, should continue where safe to do so.


FPA Australia and AFAC consider routine service of fire protection systems and equipment to be an essential service during COVID-19 and beyond.

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