SA fluorinated foam ban comes into force

Posted on : Thursday, 23 January 2020

The two-year grace period for the South Australian Government's ban on fluorinated firefighting foams comes into effect next week on 30 January, after which penalties apply.


The Environmental Protection Authority SA (EPA SA) has reminded the fire protection industry that after this date a person must not fill, or permit the filling, of a fire extinguisher with a fluorinated firefighting foam, and a person must not supply fluorinated firefighting foam.


All fluorinated firefighting foams (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances), including more modern ≤C6 type fluorotelomers, are covered by the ban.


The ban came into effect on 30 January 2018 with an amendment to the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2015 under the Environment Protection Act 1993. To allow industry time to transition away from fluorinated foams the ban included a grace period of two years, which ends on 30 January 2020.


For more information about the ban, fire protection service providers' responsibilities and disposal pathways, visit the EPA SA website below.


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