VBA announces restricted registration classes for routine service

Posted on : Monday, 16 December 2019

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has announced it will implement four new restricted classes of plumbing registration in 2020 covering the routine service of water-based fire protection equipment.


The new classes of registration are part of the transition process for Victoria's Plumbing Regulations 2018. They are expected to be available from March 2020. They are:


  • Restricted class - routine servicing of fire hose reels;
  • Restricted class - routine servicing of unpumped hydrants and valves;
  • Restricted class - routine servicing of pumped hydrants and valves; and
  • Restricted class - routine servicing of fire sprinkler systems.


The classes covering pumped hydrants and valves and fire sprinkler systems will be transitional, and after 31 July 2021 only plumbers holding appropriate qualifications will be eligible perform routine service on those systems.


Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has been working closely with the VBA for more than 18 months to champion community safety and the needs of the fire protection and property industries in the implementation of the Plumbing Regulations 2018.


These new restricted classes of registration go a significant way to addressing those issues, and FPA Australia congratulates the VBA on working with industry and taking our input on board.


The VBA has asked FPA Australia to provide input into the requirements for each class of registration. We expect those details will be available soon, and the Association will communicate them to members when they are released.


Learn more on the VBA website.