NSW Government announces 2020 FPAS recognition date

Posted on : Friday, 20 December 2019

Fire protection practitioners in NSW will now have extra time to gain accreditation, following the NSW Government's extension of the deadline for formal recognition of the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).


Following a request made by Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia), the NSW Government has informed the Association that it has agreed to extend the date for recognition of FPAS to 6 April 2020.


The extension gives industry practitioners extra time to gain FPAS accreditation that identifies them as 'competent fire safety practitioners' (CFSPs), before such accreditation becomes mandatory for certain types of fire protection work in NSW.


After 6 April 2020, individuals holding FPAS Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) or Fire Systems Design (FSD) accreditation will be officially recognised as CFSPs under NSW legislation.


After this point, only CFSPs will be able to legally conduct the work covered by these two classes of accreditation, and individuals will only be able to become a CFSP by holding FPAS FSA or FSD accreditation, or accreditation under other future schemes recognised by the NSW Government.


"The extension is an opportunity for anyone doing fire safety assessment or fire systems design work in NSW to gain their FPAS accreditation before the new rules are implemented," said FPA Australia's Chris Wyborn, General Manager - Training, Accreditation and Bushfire Services.


"We encourage anyone doing this work to gain the right accreditation before 6 April 2020 to avoid any disruption to their business."