Share your experience with Fire Safety Schedule problems

Posted on : Friday, 29 November 2019

For some time now, FPA Australia has received reports of significant problems with Fire Safety Schedules throughout NSW.


These accounts suggest that inadequate information, inaccurate record keeping and a lack of consistent understanding of roles and responsibilities may be leading to poorer building safety.


Earlier this year, we conducted a survey about Fire Safety Schedules and Annual Fire Safety Statements that reported that half of all Schedules encountered by industry practitioners had errors. Industry anecdotes suggest this figure could be as high as 80%.


Now we want to gather more detailed information about problems with schedules that we can consolidate and submit to the NSW Government to encourage further regulatory improvements.


We have developed a new form where industry members can report problems with Fire Safety Schedules, accessible online through any device.


The form does not require identification of the buildings involved and submissions will be kept confidential. The information will be aggregated to anonymise individual submissions before being provided to the NSW Government.


We encourage any individuals who work with Fire Safety Schedules and Annual Fire Safety Statements to report problems they see. Your input will help improve our industry.


Report a problem with a Schedule