New South Australian Ministerial Building Standards

Posted on : Wednesday, 27 November 2019

New Ministerial Building Standards have now been implemented in outback areas of South Australia and will roll out across the state by mid-2020, with some flow-on impacts for the fire protection industry.


As Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) advised members earlier this year, the new Ministerial Building Standards replace the earlier Ministerial Building Specifications. The change brings these documents in line with the terminology and updated requirements of South Australia's Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, and also introduces some general improvements.


Four of the new Ministerial Building Standards and the new Act have now been implemented in outback areas under a rollout plan that the South Australian Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DTPI) plans to complete by July 2020. These four Standards are:


  • Ministerial Building Standard SA 001 - Upgrading Health and Safety in Existing Buildings;
  • Ministerial Building Standard SA 002 - Maintaining the Performance of Essential Safety Provision;
  • Ministerial Building Standard SA 003 - Fire Safety in Caravan Parks and Residential Parks; and
  • Ministerial Building Standard SA 006 &SA 007 - Modifications to the application of the Building Code.


Under Phase One of the rollout plan, these Standards and the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 are now operational in outback areas referred to as 'Land Not Within a Council Area (LNWCA)'.


Phase Two will introduce the new legislation in rural council areas in early 2020, and Phase Three will introduce it to urban and regional council areas in mid-2020.


There is also a draft Ministerial Building Standard SA 008 in relation to 'Additional Requirements in Designated Bushfire Prone Areas', which has just finished a public consultation period.


These Ministerial Building Standards (MBS) can be download here.


FPA Australia provided feedback to DPTI on the draft version of SA 002 - Maintaining the Performance of Essential Safety Provision, some of which has been adopted in the final version.


The Association is also currently in discussion with DPTI about improving their engagement with industry regarding the new regulations.


More detail about the DPTI's rollout plans is available on their website here


Ministerial Building Standard SA 002 - Maintaining the Performance of Essential Safety Provision


As per the SA Government website  here, SA 002 has replaced SA 76 Maintenance and testing of essential safety provisions.

The main changes from SA 76 to SA 002 are as follows:


  • Overall improved structure, formatting and clarification of requirements including updating of content to reflect the new legislation and updated standards.
  • Includes a provision whereby an authorised officer may request maintenance records from the previous two years and these must be provided within 48 hrs of the request being made.
  • Form 3 Essential Safety Provision (ESP) Maintenance Verification now requires the building owner to:
    • Confirm there are no outstanding critical defects and the ESPs are continuing to perform as required; or
    • Advise whether there are/were any critical defects and whether they are now rectified or in the process of being rectified; or
    • Advise whether there are any non-critical defects and non-conformances in the process of being remedied.
  • The exemption of Class 2 buildings that do not have a rise in storeys exceeding 3 or a floor area exceeding 2000m2 from requiring a Form 3 has been deleted.
  • Clarifies the role of baseline data, with Appendix C, specifically Clause C2 "Baseline data information", clarifying that SA 002's baseline data requirements are as per AS 1851-2012.
  • Updates list of referenced standards, including a new 2018 (actually 2019) edition of AS/NZS 2293.2.