VBA pursuing Association’s routine service proposal

Posted on : Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) met with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) on Friday 26 October to discuss the new Plumbing Regulations 2018, and continue our advocacy for the industry and for development of pathways to overcome the problems created by the new regulations.


At the meeting, the Association proposed the introduction of one or more restricted classes of registration for the routine service of fire protection systems, which would recognise under the new regulations those currently conducting this work who have the necessary competence and experience. This has been the position proposed by FPA Australia since mid-2017 during multiple submissions and meetings with the Victorian Government.


The VBA responded positively to the proposal, and has today announced they are establishing a working group to help develop a new restricted class.


While the final outcome has yet to be reached, the VBA's announcement offers a realistic potential pathway forward, and reflects the pressure and legitimate concerns FPA Australia and its members have brought to bear on the Victorian Government.


FPA Australia will continue to push for the alignment of appropriate competency with specific areas of work in the fire protection industry. While some organisations strive to increase their personal power without concern for risk to the public, FPA Australia is led by the need for community safety through a professional, healthy fire protection industry.


The VBA announcement is available here.

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