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Association welcomes returning Directors

Posted on : Monday, 22 October 2018

Following a decision by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Board of Directors in 2017, the results of all Board elections are now published in the interests of transparency.


The 2018 FPA Australia Board elections concluded on Friday 19 October with Alan Wilson and Rhondel Johannessen being successful. The voting results were:


Alan Wilson - 37%
Rhondel Johannessen - 15%
Elissa Fazio - 10%
Robert Grieve - 8%
Russell Porteous - 8%
Camden Butcher - 7%
David Blackett - 6%
David Heath - 6%
Patrick Conway - 3%


The Association had the largest voting participation rate of members in its history during this year's Board elections, clearly aided by the new online voting platform. FPA Australia thanks all members who took part.


Scott Williams
FPA Australia Company Secretary