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Logbook legal action settled

Posted on : Wednesday, 31 January 2018

In late 2015, Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) commenced legal action in the Federal Court of Australia in Victoria for infringement in the FPA Australia fire protection logbooks. The proceedings were against the following named respondents:


  • Third Planet Group;
  • Creative Concepts Advertising and Marketing (In Liq.);
  • Edward McAlistair Munro; and
  • Andrew William Waters.


Each of the Respondents denied liability for infringement of FPA Australia's copyright in the logbooks. In December 2017, the parties reached an out of court settlement on terms involving payment of money to FPA Australia by each of Third Planet Group, Edward McAlistair Munro and Andrew William Waters, undertakings by those parties not to publish the disputed works, and delivery up to FPA Australia of copies of such works in their power, possession or control.


"The Association is delighted to bring the matter to a close," said FPA Australia CEO Scott Williams.


"FPA Australia's fire protection logbooks are the result of significant investment. We appreciate the strong support we've received from the industry through fire logbook purchases, which allow the Association to reinvest in work to further develop Australia's fire protection industry."