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Fire and Modern Building Materials

Posted on : Friday, 5 May 2017

A visiting US fire safety expert has told delegates at the Fire Australia Conference that modern building materials and furnishings do not have the same level of resistance to fire and behave differently once burning.


Al Ramirez, from US based fire safety research leaders Underwriters Laboratories, says modern building materials do not perform in the same way as older materials and can create problems for firefighters if a blaze occurs.


"We have synthetic materials being introduced to homes that weren't there and older homes had a lot more natural fibres, natural fabrics," Mr Ramirez said.


"The introduction of synthetics, petroleum based materials, really influence that content that we see now."


UL's research found that modern materials burn faster and hotter and with more devastating effects which make them harder for fire brigades to manage.


The last day of Fire Australia Conference and Tradeshow 2017 wrapped up and even as final numbers were being tallied it was clear this was the best event Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has staged so far.


"I think the most outstanding thing was just the amount of people, a record amount of exhibitors, record amount of sponsors, the number of conference delegates was just outstanding and the amount of attendees overall, "said FPA Australia CEO Scot Williams.


"The Charity Dinner raised $25,000 for the Fiona Wood Foundation and its research into burns trauma, again another record."


Fire Australia returns next May in Brisbane following the Commonwealth Games.