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New FPA Australia Techincal Documents

Posted on : Thursday, 9 March 2017

FPA Australia has published three technical documents providing much needed guidance on matters important to the industry. These documents are as follows:


  • IB-06 V2 Selection and Use of Firefighting Foams
  • PS-07 Vehicle System Service Technician Competency
  • GPG-05 Baseline Data for Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems



IB-06 V2 Selection and Use of Firefighting Foams


This Information Bulletin on selection and use of firefighting foams focuses on a holistic approach including their firefighting performance, environmental impact and system and equipment compatibility.


Version 2 of this Information Bulletin replaces Version 1 (published in June 2014)-and updates the information included as well as providing new information and recommendations on environmental best practice including the use of foams in training, testing and commissioning; containing fire water effluent; remediation of contaminated soil and water; and, cleaning/change out of existing foams.


Click here for Version 2 of IB-06



PS-07 Vehicle System Service Technician Competency


This Position Statement advocates FPA Australia's position on the requirements for technicians servicing non-gaseous pre-engineered vehicle fire suppression systems (vehicle systems) to assist system owners to select competent technicians.


It covers:

  • Nationally endorsed units of competency
  • Access to and knowledge of manufacturer's service manuals
  • Manufacturer's training.


Click here for PS-07



GPG-05 Baseline Data for Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems


This comprehensive document has been prepared by FPA Australia to provide guidance on baseline data for the routine service of fire protection systems by:

  • Clarifying what the purpose of baseline data is in regards to undertaking routine servicing in accordance with AS 1851.
  • Explaining why baseline data is important.
  • Describing how baseline data can be obtained and should be recorded.
  • Detailing how baseline data should be used.
  • Highlighting the necessity and value of baseline data.
  • Providing specific details of individual system and equipment baseline data.


FPA Australia members can access the full Good Practice Guide by logging in to CONNECT.


Non-members may request access to the Good Practice Guide by emailing and advising why they are interested in access this document (this is to assist FPA Australia to identify who is using our documents and why).