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FPA Australia's 20 Year Anniversary

Posted on : Tuesday, 7 March 2017

It's now 20 years since the Australian Fire Protection Association (AFPA), which was established in 1960, and the Fire Protection Industry Association Australia (FPIAA) which was established in 1926, agreed to amalgamate to form one representative body to be known as Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia).


That decision, taken back in January 1997, recognised the outstanding work and history of the AFPA and FPIAA and that by merging them, a foundation would be established that would benefit the broader fire protection industry and ultimately the Australian community.


Major decisions like these are never easy and reflecting on the discussions through 1996 leading up until the merger, FPA Australia National President Chris Orr said; "There are always wonderful opportunities and of course there is always risk."


"When you merge two entities together, you bring different services and value propositions to the table, varied personalities and cultures, but what is important to remember is that the end result must be a better combined outcome in which everyone will benefit.


"There is no doubt when you look at the Association today, its profile and positioning within the industry, this would never have been realised unless the merger occurred and I could not be prouder of what has been achieved. It is just outstanding.


 "FPA Australia is the peak body for the fire protection industry at every level. Irrespective of if you are  manufacturers and suppliers of fire protection products and services, contractors, fire-fighters, building owners and manager, insurers, designers, certifiers and surveyors, government and legislators, educators or students, our membership is just so broad and comprehensive," he said.


Commenting on the merger, FPA Australia CEO Scott Williams said he felt very privileged to be leading the Association today.


"I recognise the history of this great Association with its heritage that dates back to 1926. I acknowledge the enormous contribution our members make to fire protection and to improving, every day, fire safety outcomes for all of our community," said Mr Williams.


"We have experienced significant growth and by the end of this year, we will see the Association approaching 50 staff with future plans to expand our presence by placing additional resources in New South Wales and for the first time, staff in Queensland."


Mr Williams said the Association's highlights for him personally since joining in early 2009 were:


  • the expansion of the Association's training capability with a dedicated training centre now positioned in Sydney,
  • the success of FPA Australia's Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) and Bushfire Planning and Design Accreditation Scheme (BPAD) with many thousands of individuals now accredited in the areas of Inspection & Testing, System Design & Certification and Bushfire Services,
  • the Association's representation with the Australian Building Codes Board, our commitment to all Australian Standards related to fire and the production of highly informative technical documentation for the industry,
  • FPA Australia's Workplace Relations services to our members, and  
  • the strong engagement with all Federal, State & Territory and Local governments.


Mr Williams also said that one of the most important aspects to any success is assembling the right team.


"People are the heartbeat of any organisation and it is important to recognise this and continue to invest in your people. I believe FPA Australia has assembled an outstanding team; individuals who are committed and tirelessly work to deliver the Vision of the Association to lead and support a professional industry to minimise the impact of fire on life, property and the environment, for a safer community," he said.


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