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Migration of Monitored Fire Alarms

Posted on : Friday, 10 February 2017

"Migrating monitored fire alarm and lift phone services from the existing fixed line networks over which they currently operate to a new telecommunications network is not simply a matter of moving a service over 'from A to B'. Rather, it is a complex process involving technical, regulatory and policy considerations, as well as multiple parties." Migration of Monitored Fire Alarms and Lift Phone Services Good Practice Guide.


Communications is changing with the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the switch from the old copper wire service to a digital network. Those changes affect the fire protection industry directly as monitored fire alarm systems need to be migrated to the digital service.


Fire Protection Association Australia has been working with the Federal Department of Communications and Arts to produce a Good Practice Guide which has now been published.


"It has been a great experience to be able to coordinate and provide technical assistance from a range of key stakeholders to develop the Guide.


Now that it's published, the Guide will provide the steps that need to be taken and by whom to migrate old monitored alarm systems to the digital network. This is vital as these old, fixed line services are being progressively disconnected and replaced by the NBN," said FPA Australia General Manager Technical Services and Deputy CEO Matthew Wright who chaired the Department's Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Migration Roundtable Working Group.


"There are a number of different connection options based on your facilities' particular circumstance and the services you have access to.  Regardless of the option chosen, there is still an expectation to retain the network reliability goals in AS 1670.3 to ensure alarm monitoring performance is maintained when current fixed line services are disconnected."


The Guide is intended as a handbook for use by the fire protection and lift industries, building owners, building managers, and bodies corporate, application service providers (ASPs), telecommunications retail service providers (RSPs), equipment providers, and regulators and government agencies, to assist them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities in the migration process.


"Monitored fire alarms provide fire and emergency services with the vital warning and information they need to manage incidents. So anyone who has a role in installing, servicing and maintaining a monitored alarm has a role to play in the migration of the old services, making this Guide a 'must-read' for practitioners," said Matthew.


The Migration of Monitored Fire Alarms and Lift Phone Services Good Practice Guide can be downloaded from the Department website and from the FPA Australia website by clicking here.